WELCOME! I am a lifelong minimalist who just happens to homestead. My husband and I live on 1.5 acres in the central Midwest with nine of our children. We grow a 2,000 square foot vegetable garden, a mini fruit orchard and care for thirty laying hens. We do all of this while living in a suburban neighborhood, right outside of a big city, nestled among farmland. Yes, we have the best of both worlds!

I have been gardening since I was twenty-years-old but it took my daughter’s allergic reaction to preservatives, over a decade ago, for me to understand the negative impact processed food was having on our bodies. This is also what lead me to research health and nutrition and when I found out about the health benefits of drinking freshly pressed vegetable juice. The more I researched, the more I learned about ways to live a more natural and healthier life.

Combining simple living with minimalism has opened the door to so many possibilities.
Join me as I share these adventures!





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