Francesca’s Birthday 2018

09.20.2018 day in the life, videos

Minimalism + Social Media

09.15.2018 minimalism, videos


A Day In My Life / slow living + unschooling

09.08.2018 day in the life, videos

 This was our annual trip to the beach and we had such a great time! For those not familiar with this area, this is the west side of Lake Michigan, about a mile north of the John Hancock building. We try to schedule it around the first week of September so that the beach isn’t so full. We’ve gone when it’s full and it’s hard for the children to play football, catch or even just walk around. This dayRead More

Minimalism + Seasonal Decor

09.06.2018 minimalism, videos

 Reposted from my Instagram In my video on seasonal decor, I light-heartedly talked about the amount of decor sold at stores. Under that video a comment came through saying that I was “making fun of the thousands of youtubers who make a living off selling this decor.” If you’ve watched the video, obviously I was NOT making fun of any one individual and instead pointing out the exorbitant amount of decor available to the buyer. 99% of the commentsRead More

Minimalism + Homesteading Collab

 Welcome! For this video I partnered up with Nicole from Greeting Tree Farm so be sure to check out her channel as well! Thank you to Nicole for suggesting this great topic! Nicole’s VIDEO Nicole’s CHANNEL Nicole’s WEBSITE – GREETING TREE FARM