Summer Garden Tour / A Child’s View

The subjects that are ordinarily being taught in schools are math, language arts, social studies, science, physical education, fine arts and sometimes music. These subjects pretty much stay the same until the high school level yet even then, depending on what is available, the subjects don’t venture too far off the narrow path. The student needs to be really motivated to choose not to take the typical subjects and what is usually encouraged by guidance counselors and their parents. YouRead More

How Teenagers And Young Adults Can Create Wealth

07.31.2018 minimalism, videos

 Thank you to all of you who requested this video! The following is written as a continuation of the video above so I recommend watching it first before reading to better understand my explanation. I recently had a conversation with a family member about co-signing for our children when investing in real estate rental properties. Her main concern was, “What if it went badly?” I completely understand this concern and concluded correctly that she meant, “What if he/she stopsRead More

DIY Homemade Chicken Coop / part 2

07.24.2018 homesteading, videos

VIEW PART 1 HERE I came up with this simple coop design after two years of caring for chickens in extremely hot summers and very harsh winters here in the central Midwest. The following are explanations on the how and why I designed my chicken coop the way I did. Deep Litter Method A mobile chicken coop wasn’t an option not only because of the amount of snow we get but also because of the high winds. A stationary coopRead More

Music In Our Homeschool

07.19.2018 videos

 In my childhood music was one area of study that I chose for myself. My entire education and activities were chosen for me but music was something I really wanted to learn. I found it to be a great outlet for expression, for both staying relaxed and enthusiastic depending on the situation, for forming new relationships and for a whole host of other mental and physical benefits. Music wasn’t something that I thought I was good at so beingRead More

What We Ate For Breakfast

07.14.2018 videos

 The White Rock are now sharing space with the hens in the main chicken coop and all seems to be going well. I put them in there earlier than usual because one of them ended up with a wounded leg. We’re not sure how it happened but it was after we put them in the outside smaller brooder. Just in case it was a predator, I figured the younger ones were safer with the hens during the day. ThenRead More