5 Ways We’re Paying Off Debt

 I want to be debt free! I want to be debt free! I want to be debt free! Have you ever wanted something so much that it actually makes you excited and happy? That’s how I feel about getting out of debt and staying out of debt. No matter what age you are when you come to this realization, don’t ever brush it off. When you finally realize it, embrace it, research it, tackle it and make it happen.Read More

30 Minutes A Day To Minimalism

07.09.2018 minimalism, videos

 This week’s minimalism discussion dove into topics on uncluttering and what I determined is that not all spaces need to be uncluttered. Yes, this minimalist just said … not all spaces need to be uncluttered   Many of the questions I receive are asking how to convince someone else to be a minimalist. I don’t believe it’s a minimalist’s job to convince someone else to live with less. If you are a minimalist and you enjoy living with less,Read More

Midsummer Garden Tour 2018

I get a little carried away in talking about working toward debt-free living in this video but this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone! 😁 It’s just about midsummer and most of the garden is going strong. I’m thinking that the weak plants on the west side of the garden could possibly be due to the way we tilled it. Dominic hand-tilled his section and I machine-tilled the entire other side. I could have disturbed too much of the naturalRead More

Top 20 Minimalist Kitchen Essentials

This minimalist kitchen starter set was specifically designed to encourage making homemade meals. If you have the basic essentials at your fingertips, it’s the first step in helping to discourage that quick run to the local fast food restaurant or grabbing that canned soup from the grocery story. Making meals from scratch can be as simple as cutting up some vegetables to as complex as simmering chicken bones for a healthy and beneficial bone broth, which is actually not complexRead More

Minimalist VS Maximist Closet Tour

07.02.2018 minimalism, videos

Joe’s mother once told me a story about him when he was a teenager having to do with his clothes. The main point of the story was that even though the laundry basket was only a few steps from his bedroom, he would still throw his dirty laundry on the floor right next to the dirty laundry hamper. Never once did the dirty clothes actually make it into the laundry basket. And even though this was a common practice forRead More