Adult Children Living At Home

 If you’ve read my about page, then you know that I have ten children. Five of which are adults and four of which live at home. Our adult children range in age from almost 18-years-old to almost 26-years-old. Because my husband and I had a very different upbringing, we didn’t at first agree with how we were going to handle the living situation with our adult children. Joe grew

How We Paid Off $11,000 In 7 Months

 DEBT PAID is such an awesome feeling!!! Better than ever charging anything on a credit card. In fact I actually felt the opposite when I spent on a credit card. I would walk out of clothing stores after spending too much money with an awful ache in the pit of my stomach. I know there are some out there who find spending a thrill. This is NOT me. I

How Not To Go In Debt

 Below I’ve included the cliffnotes. 😄 take advantage of free offers don’t start off in debt, instead start saving money don’t go in debt for college, say no to student loans don’t go in debt for an engagement ring don’t go in debt for your wedding don’t go in debt for your wardrobe don’t go in debt for your family don’t go in debt for your spouse don’t go in

Teaching Kids About Budgeting

My three youngest children have been “working their jobs,” receiving incomes, budgeting their money and keeping track of it all in their ledgers for the past four weeks. And? They love it! I wasn’t sure if the income would be motivation enough to continue the work but for the past month, six days a week, they’re on top of it. They’re always looking forward to Fridays which is payday around