My Autumn To-Do List

 Welome! I always have a lot to do in the autumn before the winter snow, cold, sleet, cold, freezing rain, ice… did I say cold? Just not a fan of winter weather in the central Midwest. So I made a list below to explain a little about what we’re doing in this video. Just like the garden removal video, I was too tired to explain it as I worked. 😊

Minimalism + Homesteading Collab

Welcome! For this video I partnered up with Nicole from Greeting Tree Farm so be sure to check out her channel as well! Thank you to Nicole for suggesting this great topic! Nicole’s VIDEO – Nicole’s CHANNEL – Nicole’s WEBSITE –  

Summer Garden Tour / A Child’s View

The subjects that are ordinarily being taught in schools are math, language arts, social studies, science, physical education, fine arts and sometimes music. These subjects pretty much stay the same until the high school level yet even then, depending on what is available, the subjects don’t venture too far off the narrow path. The student needs to be really motivated to choose not to take the typical subjects and what

Midsummer Garden Tour 2018

I get a little carried away in talking about working toward debt-free living in this video but this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone! 😁 It’s just about midsummer and most of the garden is going strong. I’m thinking that the weak plants on the west side of the garden could possibly be due to the way we tilled it. Dominic hand-tilled his section and I machine-tilled the entire other

The Making Of A Chicken Coop / part 1

FINALLY! Finally it’s happened to me, right in front of my face… Yes, I’m a 90’s teen! Thank you Cece Peniston! I wasn’t really sure how I was going to edit this video because I didn’t know if it should be more of a tutorial or just “copy this.” 😁 Also because I was too tired to speak. Since I designed it myself and I’m not going to know the actual supply total