Minimalism + Homesteading Collab

Welcome! For this video I partnered up with Nicole from Greeting Tree Farm so be sure to check out her channel as well! Thank you to Nicole for suggesting this great topic! Nicole’s VIDEO – Nicole’s CHANNEL – Nicole’s WEBSITE –  

My Minimalist Wedding

Hello everyone! Thank you for requesting this video! I begin with catching you all up on our debt journey which I’m making huge strides with. I think I might start posting balance updates on my Instagram if anyone is interested. Just let me know! Wedding talk starts at 2:05 and I just wanted to follow up with, flowers may not be found on the side of the road in the

8 Factors To Help Me Choose Where To Live

I was born and raised just outside of Chicago but spent most of my childhood in both my hometown and Chicago. I knew financially it was a struggle for my parents to live in Illinois but not until I became an adult did I realize the depths of that struggle. And even then, I hadn’t itemized our every day expenses in comparison to the rest of the country. Many of

How Teenagers And Young Adults Can Create Wealth

 Thank you to all of you who requested this video! The following is written as a continuation of the video above so I recommend watching it first before reading to better understand my explanation. I recently had a conversation with a family member about co-signing for our children when investing in real estate rental properties. Her main concern was, “What if it went badly?” I completely understand this concern

How I Budget And Shop For Groceries

Below I made available a printable PDF that includes both my WEEKLY grocery list and my MONTHLY grocery list. I’ve also made available a sample grocery list PDF for you to print out and start your own budget. I’ve left the categories blank because I know not all of us eat the same foods. Although I would like to encourage eating more one-ingredient foods not only for your budget, but