This video was so much fun to make and after I was done, I realized that there were so many more unnecessary things that I didn’t even touch upon. But I also want to upload a video on items I found minimal yet still practical and often necessary for my nursery.

For many years my nursery was in a separate bedroom but for the last four children, my nursery was right there with me in my bedroom. It was my favorite nursery by far! I have come to discover that I LOVE co-sleeping and only wish I would have known about it sooner. For more information about co-sleeping, here is an excellent article over at

Here is a list, including what I mention in this video, of all the unnecessary “stuff” not needed for a nursery. This list is here to help first time mothers who are trying to find a way to have a minimalist nursery. I hope you find it helpful! And whether you’re a new mom or a veteran mom, please feel free to share in the comments below what you find unnecessary too.


    A crib mobile is attached to the crib railing and is too high to ever be played with by your baby. By the time he or she is old enough to stand and reach the mobile, is when they are normally too big for the crib.


    I’ve heard many stories about babies falling off of changing tables. For me personally I found it an inconvenience and it took longer to have to go into another room each time one of my babies needed to be changed. I instead used a changing mat, a towel or sometimes nothing at all. 😊


    ANY bag will do. My favorite is simply my backpack.😁


    If the diaper genie is in a bedroom then you’re storing feces and urine in the same room where your baby or you and your baby sleep. This is simply not sanitary.


    Use an already existing bookcase or store the books in a drawer.


    A common crib is normally high off the ground and only designed that way to make it easier for the parent to pick up their baby. Unfortunately the common crib is too high off the ground and babies can and often do fall out of them. Co-sleeping or a floor crib are excellent and much cheaper alternatives.


    Seven cotton onesies, seven under onesies and seven pairs of socks are more than enough items of clothing for a newborn baby. They can’t walk so there is no need for shoes, dresses, slacks, dress shirts and denim.


    Receiving blanks are too thin to be warm and too small to cover.

This is not an exhaustive list but check back because I may be back to add more to it. 😊


  1. I also didn’t use a mobile with my baby, but I will just clarify that they aren’t meant to be played with. They are for baby to watch while lying on her back. It’s supposed to be entertaining or help develop eye muscles or something. But no, they shouldn’t be able to reach them. Good list!

  2. Hey Darci,
    I watched your toddler bed DIY video and just wondering what kind of mattress you used??

    Loving all your videos!!

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