I made available a printable PDF that includes both my WEEKLY grocery list and my MONTHLY grocery list. I’ve also made available a sample grocery list in PDF for you to print out and start budgeting your own groceries. I’ve left the categories blank because I know not all of us eat the same foods. Although I would like to encourage eating more one-ingredient foods not only for your budget, but for your health too! 😍

And because many of you have asked, on this list I’ve labeled what we purchase that’s organic and I’ve included the names of some of the brands we buy. I can’t afford to buy everything organic but there are certain vegetables, meat and dairy that I believe are more important to eat organic as opposed to others. The Environmental Work Group (EWG) has a list of foods that have a high pesticide residue and a low pesticide residue.

I also mention in the video that I no longer buy canned goods and haven’t in years. There are multiple organizations warning the public about the BPA in canned goods. One of them is The Center for Environmental Health out of California. Their officials say that 40 percent of canned goods they tested in 2017 contained traceable levels of the chemical BPA. (source) BPA is a serious health threat and many cans around the world have never even been tested.

I know it can be a challenge to not only budget but to know what is the healthiest to eat and use for both you and your family. My suggestion is “less is more.” The less ingredients and the less processing of the food, the better. Making your food is much simpler than it appears. Things like salad dressings, fruit jams, cereals, granola bars, tomato sauce and so many other foods can all be made at home from scratch.

My list isn’t perfect and my husband doesn’t like some of the natural alternatives but I work on reducing our exposures to toxins and waste all the time. One day at a time and we can make great strides! Thank you for watching and I wish you a fantastic day!

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  1. Thank You for sharing ! I am now subscribed!…maybe 3 times because I couldn’t find your printables 😁

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