Minimal Spend Christmas Challenge


Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your Thanksgiving with family and friends because I’m about to throw a HUGE idea at you. What would happen if you gave less gifts to the people on your list? What would happen if you only gave one gift? What would happen if you re-gifted or made the gifts? What would happen if you didn’t give ANY gifts at all? Sound crazy?


Challenge #1

Over 80% of Americans are in debt but will still charge the gifts they purchase for Christmas. I know this because this used to be me. Whether you spend out of guilt or because you want to spoil someone or because you feel obligated or any number of reasons we slip further and further into debt, STOP. Remove the guilt and take any money you do have and pay down your debt. Then sit down with your family, explain to them that you’ve spent so much on them already over the years (specifically what you spent on what) and let them know that paying down your debt is actually the biggest gift you can give to all of them. And if you’re single, the biggest gift you can give to yourself. 🤗

Challenge #2

Gifts given at Christmas are often things we don’t need. Toys, clothes, gadgets, etc. are stuff we buy throughout the year and many times you’ll hear people say, “He already has everything,” or “I don’t know what to get for her.” Then don’t. Your friendship is a gift in itself. If you’re not in debt and don’t have family or friends in need and you still want to give, then give to charity. There are children who not only don’t have gifts, but don’t have food, clothes or other basic necessities of every day life. There are even options of sponsoring a child all over the world. Wherever you decide to donate, explain to your children the specifics (how much, which organization, what’s specifically being given) so that they can understand where the money is going.

Challenge #3

I know that “gift-giving” is the love language of many and it brings those who give to family and friends a lot of happiness but rather than bombard our children with lots of gifts, give just one. 😊 This will give you the opportunity to really think about the gift you want to give. This may also help you to buy, make or re-gift something that you think they can really benefit from or really appreciate receiving. Often times children will open one gift only to rush and open another without even acknowledging the first gift. Let’s help our children to understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Thank you to Dawn from The Minimal Mom for joining me in this challenge. Be sure to check out her channel too!

If you have any minimal spending options you would like to share, please feel free to share them in the comments below. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Dee McCune says:

    I’m a new follower and love your content. What breed of dog do you have? He/she is adorable!!!!

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  • Alert! Sad story ahead. Don't read if your day has been fabulous so far and you don't want anything ruining it. 😄
So two days ago I cried into these stairs for soooo many reasons. If you've been following my stories, then you know the counter top installer cracked our IKEA no-longer-being-made kitchen sink. Because we had to run out and quickly buy a similar one, they didn't charge us for the install. Ya. What I didn't mention before is that even though these two came highly recommended, the install of the counters was poorly done. They left gouges in the wall, they didn't finish the trim and the trim they did finish was cut unevenly. Thankfully I knew how to fix everything but what a disaster. I should have just installed it on my own. Then this past Monday we had our carpet replaced. We paid extra so I wouldn't have to move the furniture. When they arrived, not only did they say that they don't move furniture, while it was being torn out (different than the counter top people), they tore off parts of the wall along the stairs. I only showed one photo in my stories but it was all along almost every step. Then he told me to expect lots of scuff marks on the wall. "It's to be expected. They should have warned you." What?! So I told him that I just finished painting this entire house and to please do his best in not scuffing them up. He agreed. They finished early Tuesday and as soon as they left, I got to work fixing their mess. Only this time around, it was a lot more challenging than fixing the counters. This is when I just broke into pieces. The next day we were refunded our "furniture moving" money but the damaged wall is in dispute. Ya. But let's look at the bright side, we were able to fix and repair all the damage left behind. Happy Thursday 👍 .

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