Dealing With Family Who Aren’t Minimalists

 Compromise! This is what it takes to live harmoniously with family members who don’t understand or who choose not to live minimally. Just as anything in life, you can’t force your opinions on someone else. Some family members enjoy more just as much as you enjoy less. We have found that designating certain areas in the house for our own personal space has allowed each of us to respect

Sibling Sleepover Party / Gluten-Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

 When Joe and I first met, I never knew he wouldn’t be okay with sleepovers. No pre-marital counseling or books on preparing for marriage has ever covered sleepovers! (gasp) 🤣 In all seriousness though, it wasn’t until our oldest child came to an age that she would be interested in it. Joe explained that his parents never allowed it and he agreed with their decision. I don’t remember their reasoning but

How I Make Money Vlogging

 An individual attempting to earn an income online isn’t easy! One begins the endeavor with working many hours and receiving no pay for an unknown length of time. Not such an appealing job offer! 😁 But persistence and determination will pay off. I had a plan when I first started uploading videos and that was to share the way I try to live simply with a large family and our backyard

Minimalism For The Absent-Minded Professor?

In this video we talk about the difficulties for some who find it hard to keep their personal space uncluttered and organized and how minimalism can still work in their life. So it’s not all about getting rid of everything but rather keeping what has a purpose and a place in your life. So if you’re holding on to a certain item out of guilt or you don’t know what

Simple Cast Iron Care

I first learned about cooking with cast iron shortly after finding out about my daughter’s allergy to preservatives. Once you start down the rabbit hole of healthy nutrition and chemical toxins, there is no looking back. I started by reading every ingredient on our grocery list of food and replaced about 95% of what we purchased by making our own. I then got rid of the microwave and any other