Tour Of My Backyard Homestead

I’m so sorry about the white dots on the lens. I’ve read that this is a common problem with the Canon G7x. Add to it that I’ve sat the camera next to my miter saw many times to film while cutting wood and you have a recipe for a “tiny particle party entering my lens” disaster. Canon will fix it for almost the price I paid for it, it’s not

My Autumn To-Do List

 Welome! I always have a lot to do in the autumn before the winter snow, cold, sleet, cold, freezing rain, ice… did I say cold? Just not a fan of winter weather in the central Midwest. So I made a list below to explain a little about what we’re doing in this video. Just like the garden removal video, I was too tired to explain it as I worked. 😊

Teaching Kids About Budgeting

My three youngest children have been “working their jobs,” receiving incomes, budgeting their money and keeping track of it all in their ledgers for the past four weeks. And? They love it! I wasn’t sure if the income would be motivation enough to continue the work but for the past month, six days a week, they’re on top of it. They’re always looking forward to Fridays which is payday around