Minimalist One-Ingredient Groceries

for family of 10 I was raised on healthy food but in my late teens and early twenties, I fell off the healthy wagon and began eating the standard American diet. I bought the typical food products on my weekly trips to the grocery store: bread, jelly, cereal, cookies, muffins, granola bars, cake mixes, can goods, salad dressings and many many other processed food. It took my 6-year-old daughter’s allergy to

Minimalist Essentials for Mother and Child

 1 / breastfeeding If the mother is eating an unprocessed minimal ingredient diet, breastfeeding is the most natural and healthiest way to feed your baby. It’s also the most economical and simple way to feed your baby. If you choose to breastfeed, Ellen Fisher has put together a beautiful informative post explaining in detail all about breastfeeding. Tips For Successful Breastfeeding by Ellen Fisher If you decide not to

Day In The Life / Banana Smoothie & Juicing

It’s amazing how one day is beautiful, sunny and inviting and then the next is dreary, cloudy and you want to send in your RSVP with a big NO! 😊 This was Thursday and Friday for us this week. Thankfully by Friday afternoon the sun started to peek out. And yes, I explain it in the video above but let me reiterate what happened. Helena rode her bicycle right up behind me.


It snowed!!! Even though I was looking forward to digging out the garden, I was still happy it snowed. I figured this just might be the last big snowfall of the season and so decided to just enjoy it. One of the many things uploading videos every week has given me, is a new found appreciation of the outdoors. I mean I’ve always loved summer but now I’m really seeing

Minimalist Toothpaste Recipe

So if you watched my minimalist toiletries video then you know that I usually just brush with baking soda and have been brushing this way for years. If you knew how many toxic ingredients were in ALL the toothpaste at your local grocery store, you would probably make the switch as well. Even “healthier” toothpastes still have ingredients that are completely unnecessary and on top of this, the makers of