30 Minutes A Day To Minimalism

July 9, 2018 minimalism, youtube

This week’s minimalism discussion dove into topics on uncluttering and what I determined is that not all spaces need to be uncluttered. Yes, this minimalist just said …

not all spaces need to be uncluttered


Many of the questions I receive are asking how to convince someone else to be a minimalist. I don’t believe it’s a minimalist’s job to convince someone else to live with less. If you are a minimalist and you enjoy living with less, bask in that minimalist glow! 😍 But don’t shade other people because they don’t find enjoyment in the same lifestyle you do. Be that example and if they choose to change their ways, that decision and choice belongs to them.

There are also many people who are looking to be more organized rather than uncluttered. Organization is great but I don’t put it in the same category as uncluttering your space. Getting rid of things (minimizing) is different than just moving those same things around into a different place in the room (organizing). So the following will help you to go through your clutter with the minimalist mindset.


  1. Select a time in the day where you allow yourself 30 minutes to work on your unclutter project.
  2. Work on this unclutter project 5 days a week, taking the weekend off.
  3. As you go through your things, only keep what you will
    • DISPLAY (on a wall, shelf, counter, etc.)
    • WEAR (within a six month time frame)
    • USE (on a daily or at least weekly basis)
    • REFERENCE (this would be things like your birth certificate)


Keep in mind, if any of the above causes you anxious feelings, don’t do it. Because it may be that you’re not looking to unclutter but rather to get more organized. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not ready to minimize. Living minimally and living with less should bring you happiness and contentment and if it doesn’t, the minimalist lifestyle may not be what you’re looking for.

If you are ready for this project, I hope you find the steps to uncluttering helpful and I wish you all a beautiful day! 😘

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