Beginning GAPS

August 24, 2022 GAPS

Good morning! It’s been a rough week and it’s only Wednesday. I had planned on starting my GAPS journey in a couple of weeks (so that my ferments were… well… fermented 😄) but my digestive system told me I had no choice and that I needed to start today. If you’re unfamiliar with GAPS, go to I purchased this book last year but didn’t get around to finally reading it until recently. Thank you to Rebekah for the encouragement! 😘

Throughout my healing journey after being diagnosed with pericarditis last year, I haven’t been able to completely calm the pain/nausea/spasm/inflammation in my digestive system. I’ll have some really good days but then it always comes back. My doctor has also run many tests and can’t find a reason for the inflammation. He also prescribed an anti-inflammatory but it did nothing. We know it’s food related because the reactions follow eating any type of food. Insert GAPS! In short, the concept behind GAPS is to heal your gut with very specific foods in stages so that you can eventually eat normally again.

There are two main ways to go through this food plan. One is the “GAPS Intro” and the other is called “Full GAPS.” After pouring over reviews and testimonials, and because of the severity of pain, I’ve decided to begin GAPS Intro. It’s the more challenging plan because of the limitation on variety of food but because I’ve been off grain, caffeine, sugar and processed foods for over a year, I knew I wouldn’t have a problem with withdrawals. And yes, our family still eats mostly one-ingredient foods! 🤗

And so here we are on DAY 1 of GAPS Intro. For breakfast I had a glass of filtered water with lemon juice, about 2 cups of meat broth (with the meat, sea salt and homemade whey) and now drinking a cup of peppermint tea with just a touch of honey. Later I’ll have some boiled veggies and for snack, (if I feel I need it) I’ll have coconut and honey snowballs. Currently in progress: the homemade yogurt is fermenting, two more whole chickens are simmering on the stove, two pounds of beef are thawing on the counter (for meatballs), 3 1/2 gallons of vegetables are fermenting and once I finished typing, I’m off to making kefir. I finished making the ghee this morning and will start another gallon of yogurt this afternoon.

Sound intense? It’s really not. We normally eat these foods anyway but now in larger quantities and in place of other food. My three youngest have decided to join me on the GAPS Intro even though I suggested they start with Full GAPS if they wanted to do this because there is a larger variety of food. But my 11yo and 10yo started with me today and my 15yo plans on starting this Monday. Joe was happy to hear Full GAPS allows coffee but he’s not ready for either just yet. 😉

So, have you heard of GAPS? Have you tried it? Please feel free to share your experience if you have. I know some have had trouble with it and others have said it healed them. Either way, I would enjoy hearing your journey! Thank you and wishing you all a peaceful day. 💕 Darci Isabella

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