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September 8, 2018 day in the life, youtube

This was our annual trip to the beach and we had such a great time! For those not familiar with this area, this is the west side of Lake Michigan, about a mile north of the John Hancock building. We try to schedule it around the first week of September so that the beach isn’t so full. We’ve gone when it’s full and it’s hard for the children to play football, catch or even just walk around. This day it was pretty empty with just some tourists.

By the end of summer the water is usually the warmest it gets all year at around 65 degrees but we think because of all the rain this summer, the temperature was around 57 degrees. So unfortunately it wasn’t enjoyable to go swimming. It was actually painful to swim in it more than a few minutes. But my children love swimming so much that they managed about 10 minutes each time they went in! 😮😊

Thank you for watching! Wishing you many peaceful and slow living days! 😘


  1. Nancy Utaski says:

    I remember going to Lake Michigan growing up in a Chicago suburb. Cold water but what treat. We were at the beach!
    You are showing me that you do not have to own a bathing suit to get in the water. Finding the “right” bathing suit is such a chore. From now on, I will go into the water with a non-suit. Tee shirt? Jogging pants? ThanksNancy for the idea.

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