simple living in a large family

Before starting a family, I always lived with less. When I was young, I could fit everything I owned into two garbage bags. Yes, this actually happened! Long story. More importantly, I was fine with this and living with less always made me happy. I went on to get married and birthed ten humans, five in the hospital and five at home. Good times! And with those eleven extra people, I had to figure out how to adapt minimalism to my new life.


I was raised by health-conscious parents but it took one of my daughter’s allergic reaction to preservatives for me to understand the negative impact processed food was having on our bodies. I now buy mostly one-ingredient foods, which simply means that I buy food from the store with only one ingredient listed. Here is an average food haul of what we buy and eat weekly from the grocery store.


In January of 2018 I wrote up my minimalist budget and by February we began living on a budget for the first time in our life. We struggled financially for the first two months but were STILL able to pay the minimum on all that was due without using credit cards. After getting our finances in order, I wrote up a grocery budget. Then by April, we were finally able to start paying off our debt. Only seven months later and we paid off over $11,000. Another seven months later and we were DEBT FREE. We paid off over $29,000 in fourteen months and I know you can get out of debt too!