Darci Isabella

Finding Your Healing Foods

August 30, 2022 healthy food

I have been trying to heal my digestive system since I was a teenager and want to share what I’ve learned through my many years of trial and error and research. I’m sharing all of this for two reasons: one, documenting it for my family and two, hoping it helps you to discover your healing foods too. Also, a dislaimer: I’m not a nutritionist. Although at this point, I might as well be. But my mother IS a nurse! (retired)Read More

Intro GAPS – Day 4

August 28, 2022 GAPS

Francesca is still on it. I am not. She is still doing wonderfully. Along with a total of 32 oz of broth throughout the day, she had meatballs, ghee, fermented juice, tea, lemon and honey, snowballs and a glass of vegetable juice. She then asked if she could go on to Stage 3 tomorrow. I know she’s moving fast (only 2 days on each stage so far) but I saw no reason for her not to. And other than stillRead More

Intro GAPS – Day 3

August 27, 2022 GAPS

First, a correction: After Francesca read my post, she said that she’s only sensitive to store-bought dairy, not the raw dairy we get from the farm. Sorry! So I updated yesterday’s post. Also, the updates are a day behind. I write them the next day so I’m well into Day 4 right now. Intro GAPS – Day 3 Francesca is still doing really well. She is now in Stage 2 and so added egg yolks and ghee to her brothRead More

Intro GAPS – Day 2

August 26, 2022 youtube

Dominic started this tradition of bringing me flowers every day and putting them on my end table next to my bed. Francesca has taken over the task and said we needed a vase. Oh how I love my munchkins. 🥰 Although one munchkin is already my height at 5’10. 😇 Intro GAPS – Day 2 We both woke up feeling tired and no energy. Classic detox. After the first meal and tea, Francesca (my 11yo), felt like herself again andRead More

Intro GAPS – Day 1

August 25, 2022 GAPS

Stage 1 meal 1 – lemon water / chicken meat broth with whey / peppermint tea with honeymeal 2 – lemon water / chicken meat broth with whey and basil / dandelion tea / coconut snowballmeal 3 – chicken meat broth with whey, basil, carrot and kale / coconut snowball WATER: (about 20 oz.) The lemon water is always filtered water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. BROTH: (about 16 oz.) Both my 11yo and I took the sensitivity test forRead More