empty house tour

07.09.2021 youtube

I forgot to include something that was a huge part of our journey to finding our new home and that was… praying the Rosary. I knew I would forget something and I forgot the most important… prayer. Without it I know we wouldn’t be where we are today and I’m so grateful to Our Lord for guiding us on this path.

our move to Florida

07.01.2021 youtube

Today’s video is our move from Illinois to Florida! Finally! I had planned on narrating this video but I had some health issues and was in the hospital yesterday. No, not from anxiety. I’m doing really well in that area. I was having heart problems last weekend and put off going to the doctor, thinking it would go away. I’m doing better and just have to be more aware of my blood pressure. I hope you enjoy the video!

Dominic’s 14th Birthday

06.24.2021 youtube

Reminiscing About Homesteading

12.31.2020 instagram

Before I begin: Thank you to all of you who shared information on Florida, when I asked about it last year. It was so appreciated and very helpful. However, I thought I saved the umbrella school for homeschoolers information and I can’t find it now. If you live in Florida and homeschool under an umbrella school, could you share with me which one you use or which one you recommend? I’m looking for one with very minimal involvement. You’re welcomeRead More

Minimal Gift-Giving

12.22.2020 instagram

In a video I posted about three years ago, I explained how I don’t give gifts to my children on Christmas day. 😮😄 It’s true! Joe and I stopped giving gifts to our children and each other twenty-three years ago. I always remember the year because our twenty-three-year-old daughter was born a month before that Christmas. Everything felt so commercialized and I had turned our holiday into an advertisement out of a catalog that Christmas morning. And rather than beRead More