Q&A What About Santa?

12.13.2018 youtube

Due to the specific questions I was asked, I share a lot of unconventional aspects of my life that our family practices. Of course they’re not unconventional to us! 😁 One in particular is that our Christmas celebration each year has nothing to do with Santa. Neither my parents nor Joe’s parents taught or celebrated their holidays having anything to do with this fictitious character. For my parents it was important we celebrated the true meaning behind Christmas which of courseRead More

Homemade Hard Honey Candy Recipe

12.10.2018 youtube

This recipe was so much fun to make! 😋 My daughter, Helena, enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and I’m so glad she decided to try this. So if you’re looking to make some holiday candy that isn’t filled with corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, table sugar, powdered sugar or any toxic chemical added for flavor and taste, you’ve come to the right recipe. And this is easily adaptable to any shape or flavor. INGREDIENTS           ⚪ Read More

Kids Budget Update

12.06.2018 youtube

Closing Credit Cards + Kids Budget Update This post is a follow-up to the original Teaching Kids About Budgeting. In that post I explain the ins and outs of how it works so you may want to read that one first. AGES My children start simple chores at around six-years-old so I asked my youngest, who happened to be six, if he wanted to participate in earning an income and he answered enthusiastically, “Yes!” 😊 So right now we’re offering thisRead More

Q&A with The Minimal Mom

11.28.2018 minimalism, youtube

Welcome back to our final video together! Dawn, from The Minimal Mom, asked if she could ask me some questions on camera and since I’m so great at answering questions on the spot … NOT, I said, “Sure!” 😂 Thank you to LouAnn (Dawn’s mom!👋) and Dawn for these insightful questions that ended up being a lot of fun to answer. Then toward the end, I threw in some questions for Dawn too. So join us as we share answers to someRead More

Favorite Things Giveaway

11.28.2018 youtube

This giveaway is a huge THANK YOU to everyone who watches our videos and our way of showing how grateful we are! THANK YOU 🤗 When Dawn from The Minimal Mom asked me what my favorite things were, I was really stumped. But then I started thinking about the things I used around the house that my family and I have really benefited from and the list was born! #1 / BREVILLE JUICER ► I started with the Omega Juicer and although it’sRead More