The Statues

09.27.2020 minimalism

We officially sold our house and are currently living in a rental. And? I love it. Not exactly the floor plan or location but the much smaller size. It’s so much more manageable. We went from 8 rooms to 4, which includes 2 bedrooms and even Joe agreed this is way less stressful for us. Less is more. 😊 I explained our future plans in my last video so if you’re interested, head on over. I adorned our new fireplaceRead More

Getting Rid of Books

12.31.2018 minimalism, youtube

WE SHALL NOT BE ASKED WHAT WE HAVE READ,BUT WHAT WE HAVE DONE… — THOMAS E KEMPIS I did it! I finally conquered the one item that I’ve struggled to get rid of… books! And if you really want to downsize your collection, I know you can do it too! I had been influenced by someone else’s words. They convinced me that an at-home library was necessary for everyone. So it took me a long time to break away fromRead More

Minimal Christmas Decor Tour

12.16.2018 minimalism, youtube

Our yearly tradition is to put up and decorate our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Since we’re going to be listing the house in early spring, we’ll be taking the tree down much earlier than usual so we thought we would put it up much earlier than usual. 😊 The reason we usually wait until Christmas Eve is because we celebrate Advent which is the four weeks before Christmas. So while everyone is celebrating Christmas from around Thanksgiving day untilRead More

Q&A with The Minimal Mom

11.28.2018 minimalism, youtube

Welcome back to our final video together! Dawn, from The Minimal Mom, asked if she could ask me some questions on camera and since I’m so great at answering questions on the spot … NOT, I said, “Sure!”Β πŸ˜‚Β Thank you to LouAnn (Dawn’s mom!πŸ‘‹) and Dawn for these insightful questions that ended up being a lot of fun to answer. Then toward the end, I threw in some questions for Dawn too. So join us as we share answers to someRead More

Minimal Spend Christmas Challenge

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your Thanksgiving with family and friends because I’m about to throw a HUGE idea at you. What would happen if you gave less gifts to the people on your list? What would happen if you only gave one gift? What would happen if you re-gifted or made the gifts? What would happen if you didn’t give ANY gifts at all? Sound crazy? SO LET’S GET CRAZY! 😍 Challenge #1 PAY DOWN YOUR DEBT OverRead More