Intro GAPS – Day 2

August 26, 2022 youtube

Dominic started this tradition of bringing me flowers every day and putting them on my end table next to my bed. Francesca has taken over the task and said we needed a vase. Oh how I love my munchkins. 🥰 Although one munchkin is already my height at 5’10. 😇 Intro GAPS – Day 2 We both woke up feeling tired and no energy. Classic detox. After the first meal and tea, Francesca (my 11yo), felt like herself again andRead More

empty house tour

July 9, 2021 youtube

I forgot to include something that was a huge part of our journey to finding our new home and that was… praying the Rosary. I knew I would forget something and I forgot the most important… prayer. Without it I know we wouldn’t be where we are today and I’m so grateful to Our Lord for guiding us on this path.

our move to Florida

July 1, 2021 youtube

Today’s video is our move from Illinois to Florida! Finally! I had planned on narrating this video but I had some health issues and was in the hospital yesterday. No, not from anxiety. I’m doing really well in that area. I was having heart problems last weekend and put off going to the doctor, thinking it would go away. I’m doing better and just have to be more aware of my blood pressure. I hope you enjoy the video!

Dominic’s 14th Birthday

June 24, 2021 youtube

My Minimalist Rental Tour

December 16, 2020 youtube

YouTube turned off my comments again so you’re welcome to comment below. It always happens when I have my children in the video. I know some channels have the same problem and some don’t. I’ve found that there isn’t much rhyme or reason to it. So all future published videos will be reposted here on my website. Thank you for watching!