After waking up, even before breakfast, my children all come into my bedroom. Most jump into bed with me, one might sit on the chair, another on the floor or wherever they can get comfortable. I read four books out loud which doesn’t take very long but because most of the time the children have questions and like to discuss what I’m reading, it takes a little longer. So these morning daily readings take about 20 to 30 minutes.

1. Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints – Below are two copies of this book, provided by two different publishers. You can also find it FREE online at ARCHIVE .org ▶️

2. A Year With the Saints – The second book is another condensed lives of the Saints book by Rev. Butler based on his four volume set.

3. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – Although I prefer this book, you may like another instruction book by Maria Montessori which breaks down the parts of the Mass in more detail.

4. The Catechism Explained – This book is currently out-of-print but reprints on Amazon are available and it’s also FREE online at ARCHIVE.org ▶️