Dealing With Family Who Aren’t Minimalists

June 26, 2018 minimalism, youtube

Compromise! This is what it takes to live harmoniously with family members who don’t understand or who choose not to live minimally. Just as anything in life, you can’t force your opinions on someone else. Some family members enjoy more just as much as you enjoy less.

We have found that designating certain areas in the house for our own personal space has allowed each of us to respect the other’s choice of decor. Then the main living area is a joint agreement between Joe and me. He picked out all the furniture except what I’ve built and he chooses what photos go up on the wall.

In the kitchen we agreed on a simple design but removing the upper cabinets was something I suggested. He wasn’t sure about it at first and reserved the right to put them back up if he didn’t like the way it looked. 😁 Turns out upper kitchen cabinets shrink the size of your kitchen and so when I took them down, he loved how much bigger the kitchen appeared.

Thank you to everyone who left us questions about minimalism and thank you for watching the video!

Have a great day everyone!

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