Francesca’s First Holy Communion

November 19, 2017 youtube

MY DEAREST FRANCESCA, my little munchkin, my sweetie pie,

You are such a special young girl! Your father, your siblings and I couldn’t imagine life without you. What a blessing you are to our family! You bring happiness, laughter and excitement to us on a daily basis. Your energy and love is contagious and I’m so grateful you are my daughter.

Congratulations on this special day! You’ve worked hard to get here and we are so proud of you. May you feel the presence of Our Lord on this day and always. And may Our Lord continue to shower you with graces and blessings throughout your life. We all love you so dearly and you truly are a precious gift.

May the love of Christ shine in your heart now and forever!

With love,
Mama 💗 Papa


  1. Stephanie in Germany says:

    Congratulations Francesca! What a special day for your little girl, Darci! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of this holy day.

  2. Gretha says:

    So beautiful, thank you for sharing this Darci. I have a question for you. I am preparing my son for First Holy Communion at home during homeschool rather than with our parish CCD. We are now trying to decide if we should include him in the First Communion group in the Spring or do it separately. Can you describe what you and your family do for this special day? Thank you!

    • Darci Isabella says:

      I’m happy to share! We too prepare our children at home and although we can choose to join the group in May, we have always had them receive this Sacrament on the feast of their Baptismal namesake. I find it more stressful and more distracting when made in the group. When on their own, it’s such a peaceful moment between them and Our Lord.

      • Gretha says:

        Dear Darci,
        Thank you for your response. This is intended more as a private thank you than a public comment. 😊 I am convinced the Holy Spirit led me to your blog. It started with wanting to get rid of toys after years of questioning this modern-toy-mania. I found your video on Youtube and rejoiced. Then I discovered you were a minimalist, Catholic, homeschooler, mother of ten with chickens AND you love to walk! Fantastic! And you are raising your kids bilingual! Yo también! Then among your homeschooling resources: the Baltimore Catechism. I had been deliberating whether to use it since I received permission to do CCD at home. Then there was the question of whether or not we should include our son in the First Communion group or do it separately. Voila, today appears your video Francesca’s Special Day. No small coincidences here. Wow! Thank you for sharing your family’s faith traditions. As a Catholic convert I have been searching for inspiration in how to raise my children Catholic; here in northern California it is a challenge. Also my kids love watching your videos and seeing other Catholic, homeschooling kids (and chickens) in action! This is a bit of a ramble but I wanted to say God bless you and your beautiful family and keep up the good work. Sincerely,
        Gretha Omey Stenger & Family
        Eureka, CA

      • Lauren says:

        That is such a nice tradition! I have friends who have prepared their children at home (I don’t have kids yet, but most likely will also prepare mine at home if/when I have them). Most seem to have their children receive at a regular Mass and not as part of the group (one friend of mine had her daughter receive at Easter last year since they already had family in town), but I love the idea of having them receive on their Feast Day! My former parish had families have their children receive for the first time at the Sunday Mass which their family normally attended – and they were spread out over the course of a few week.

  3. Tasha-Rose says:

    I have a question too! Is your family SSPX? It would be astounding if you were because a friend of mine and I have been discussing SSPX a lot lately. I am a cradle Catholic and she is a baptist turned Heathen and now going through RCIA… which I am very excited about for her.

    I attend the Jesuit parish near our home but have a lot of contention with the modern church and so I have been looking at SSPX a little closer. Just wondering!

    Blessings on your girl on her special day!

  4. Michelle says:

    Darci, What a beautiful day for Francesca and your family! Does your parish have Latin Mass all the time? I wish ours did. We have it just once a month. How do you prepare your children for confirmation?

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