Intro GAPS – Day 2


Dominic started this tradition of bringing me flowers every day and putting them on my end table next to my bed. Francesca has taken over the task and said we needed a vase. Oh how I love my munchkins. 🥰 Although one munchkin is already my height at 5’10. 😇

Intro GAPS – Day 2

We both woke up feeling tired and no energy. Classic detox. After the first meal and tea, Francesca (my 11yo), felt like herself again and the rest of the day was completely fine. She did school, played with her brothers and chatted about how excited she was to start Stage 2. I told her as long as she had no detox symptoms for the rest of today, she could move on.

We both ate the same foods as the day before and added some boiled meatballs, squash and onions into the mix of fresh herbs, boiled carrots and broccoli. Minus the broccoli for me. I forgot to mention the reason why she joined me in this GAPS journey. She is sensitive to a few dairy products and grains, especially oats. She would still eat these foods on occasion but wanted to see if healing her gut would help.

As for me, after the first meal I opted for ginger tea this time and was still a little tired but no pain. After the second meal is when the discomfort started again. Although I noticed the coconut oil really calms my stomach. Better than even ginger. By the evening I wasn’t feeling well so only sipped a glass of meat broth. Big mistake. Then went to bed. Day 3 coming up tomorrow.

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