Kids Budget Update


Closing Credit Cards + Kids Budget Update

This post is a follow-up to the original Teaching Kids About Budgeting. In that post I explain the ins and outs of how it works so you may want to read that one first.


My children start simple chores at around six-years-old so I asked my youngest, who happened to be six, if he wanted to participate in earning an income and he answered enthusiastically, “Yes!” 😊 So right now we’re offering this opportunity for our children between the ages of six and twelve. At twelve-years-old my children send flyers out for neighborhood jobs. This includes things like dog-walking, mowing lawns, babysitting, tutoring and whatever else they want to help with.


Below is a chart of their “jobs” and when they’re assigned. This list is printed out and hung in our kitchen along with the other chores (laundry, chickens, meals, etc.). The only difference is that there is a child’s name in place of “JOB.”



They’re paid $1 per day to clean one room in the main area of the house. They can “sell” their job to a sibling up to one day a week and then it would be overtime for their sibling. Overtime is anything in addition to their regular job and all overtime has to be approved by their Dad or me. They are also given two weeks of vacation pay and one week pay for sick days and personal days. 😁

  • ⚪  REGULAR PAY = $1.00 per day / 6 days
  • ⚪  DONATION = $0.50 per week
  • ⚪  TOTAL = $6.50 per week
  • ⚪  OVERTIME = $1.00 per week
  • ⚪  TOTAL + OVERTIME = $7.50 (the most they can make in one week)


  • ⚪  SPENDING – This account is for their wardrobe purchases.
  • ⚪  SAVINGS – This account is for recreation purchases.
  • ⚪  FOOD – This account is used for food they want to buy that’s not on my regular grocery list and can also include restaurants.
  • ⚪  OVERTIME – This is technically not an account but it’s listed separately to show them the extra work they put in each week if they choose to do so.

And even though they have three separate accounts, they can borrow or transfer between the three of them whenever they want. I currently have an extra debit account that the three of them use for when they make purchases but I will eventually be setting up accounts for all three of them to have their own debit card.

They keep all of this recorded on their ledgers which I’ve made available in a printable version. SEE BELOW! They collect their receipts and add their overtime, if there is any for that week, and that’s it! It’s very simple and they’ve been earning incomes now for almost three months. There are definitely days where one doesn’t feel like doing their job and on those days they’re able to either take a vacation day or ask a sibling to do it and sell that day.

They’re learning not only how to earn an income and budget but they’re also learning the value of a dollar. I’ve noticed this especially when they go to buy something with their money. Because now it’s not mom or dad’s money but THEIR money! 😄


  1. Darci – on the right side of your web page – as presented on my computer! – there is a facebook response to a request from you about an Instagram account that is impersonating you. Is this ACTUALLY something you posted on your webpage? Or is it some kind of an ad? Reason I ask – Facebook removed 1/2 my contacts on/about Aug 30, 2018. I made the statement – on my facebook page – that if those contacts weren’t replaced, I’d delete my fb account in 3 days. On the third day I checked my fb page and ALL my contacts, plus all but a few posts (5-7) had been removed. I deleted my fb account. I did not know fb now owned Instagram, so thanks for that comment. I’m not a fan – which is putting it mildly – of large companies showing their might. BTW, my fb page was primarily used as a way of staying in touch with my kinfolks. I didn’t post any pictures, etc. … just responded to posts or commented on pictures posted by things that showed up on my fb page. This email is long – sorry. And, thanks for your repsonse – if you have the time to respond!!!! Know you have your hands full. I had just 4 – all boys – so understand – a little – how busy you are!

    • Darci Isabella says:

      Hi Edith! What you see in my sidebar is my latest post on Instagram so yes, I posted that. So far, the response from facebook has been that they don’t see it. I asked them why they couldn’t see the impersonating account yet my followers and I could. I am leaning in the direction of just deleting my account. I was so frustrated when I found out that facebook owns them now. I’m sorry about what happened to your facebook account and this is why I don’t have one either.

  2. Terri says:

    Love you! So great to read your blog to go with your videos. Keep up the great work. Blessings to you and your family

  3. Kim says:

    Hi Darci – I can’t remember the password to get to the printables – would it be in my email?

  4. Darci Isabella says:

    Sure Kim! I’ll do that now.

  5. kristen says:

    Hi Darci, I really am encouraged and helped by all the work you put into your videos. Thank you for everything you do to keep this running and adding it to your weekly work of being a wife and mom.

    On your website I enjoy reading the posts you include with the videos. However, I can’t access those posts from the homepage (that I can see). I was wondering is there a link somewhere to these blog posts and writings so that I could move around a little easier. Right now this is how I access it: I go to the top and click “homeschool/chart.” Then I scroll down that page to see your recent posts on the right. I then click on a post and move through the old and new posts at the bottom where it shows options to move before and after. I hope that makes sense. Feel free to email if not.

    • Darci Isabella says:

      I’m sorry about that Kristen. I haven’t been able to keep up with posting a follow-up blog post for each video and so I removed the blog link. I just put it back up in the menu bar at the top right of the page. Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you!

      • Kristen says:

        I see it! Thank you. And again, I can’t tell you enough how much your videos encourage me in motherhood.

        One question about the kids budget.
        Could you explain what you expect your children to pay for? All their clothing? All the food they want outside of what you provide? What about activities they want to participate in? What about if their belongings need to be replaced or their bicycle breaks.

        That’s a lot more than one question .. but it felt like just one. Thanks for your perspective!

        • Kristen says:

          Oh sorry, I just read above about the food they are asked to buy. sorry I didn’t read that first.

          Also, do you pay them cash? Ok… I’ll stop for now.

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