Midsummer Garden Tour 2018

I get a little carried away in talking about working toward debt-free living in this video but this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone! 😁

It’s just about midsummer and most of the garden is going strong. I’m thinking that the weak plants on the west side of the garden could possibly be due to the way we tilled it. Dominic hand-tilled his section and I machine-tilled the entire other side. I could have disturbed too much of the natural ecosystem by tilling too deep. But I’m not detoured and just replanted the empty cabbage and broccoli beds just this past week. I’m replanting carrots seeds too, hopefully some time this week.

I’ve been purchasing seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for many years but now many companies, including local hardware stores, are carrying organic, non-GMO heirloom seeds. You may also choose to save seeds at the end of the harvest for the following summer in order to save money. Depending on what seed you want to save, simply do a google search on that individual vegetable and you’ll find many sites devoted to explaining simple ways to save those seeds.

I live in zone 5A so my summer planting season runs from May to July. If you share my zone, be sure to get out and plant any remaining seeds you have left because it’s not too late! Patrick and I will be planting more cucumbers and green beans next week and I’ll finally get some spinach seeds in the ground. I’ve been so busy in the main garden that I’ve neglected my kitchen garden which holds our spinach and kale. I plant the leafy greens there because it gets a half day of shade which helps them not to bolt to seed in the really hot weather.

I hope you enjoy my midsummer garden tour and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below! Have a beautiful day!

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