Minimal Christmas Decor Tour

December 16, 2018 minimalism, youtube

Our yearly tradition is to put up and decorate our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Since we’re going to be listing the house in early spring, we’ll be taking the tree down much earlier than usual so we thought we would put it up much earlier than usual. 😊

The reason we usually wait until Christmas Eve is because we celebrate Advent which is the four weeks before Christmas. So while everyone is celebrating Christmas from around Thanksgiving day until Christmas day, we celebrate Advent.

The focus of Advent is the preparation of the coming of Our Lord. For those interested, this page explains it in more detail. And then Christmastide is celebrated from Christmas Eve until Candlemass, February 2nd. And that about covers it!

Meanwhile, a few of my children REALLY enjoy decorating. I don’t know where they get if from! 😂 As for me, a simple Advent wreath and a Nativity scene are all I like to decorate with. Both put me in the mind and preparation for the upcoming celebration. And then on Christmas Eve, I like to add a tree to the decor.

We still put up a plastic tree which I would like to eventually give away and replace with a homemade DIY wooden tree. I had thought about building it this year but with the move coming up, I decided to wait until next year.

The children chose what they wanted to decorate and where in the house they wanted to decorate and I think they all did a wonderful job. I’ve also been informed by a few other of my children that we’re not done! 😮 My older children plan on decorating more this week too. I might have to guard my eyes. LOL!

Whether you decorate a little or a lot, I wish you and your families a very peaceful Advent, a very Merry Christmas and an abundance of happiness in the new year! 😘

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