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September 6, 2018 minimalism, youtube

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In my video on seasonal decor, I light-heartedly talked about the amount of decor sold at stores. Under that video a comment came through saying that I was “making fun of the thousands of youtubers who make a living off selling this decor.” If you’ve watched the video, obviously I was NOT making fun of any one individual and instead pointing out the exorbitant amount of decor available to the buyer. 99% of the comments were people explaining how they decorate which I thought was great! And I’m actually really GLAD this person left this comment. I’m glad because, as she said, there are “thousands” of these people selling decor and only one of me pointing out that decor isn’t necessary. After reading it I realized it’s that idea that just because “everyone is doing it,” we have to go along with it. Actually, ONLY if you really want to. If you don’t want to put up decor or only want to put up a small amount or you can’t afford it and don’t want to go into debt just because someone else has it… then don’t. Don’t spend anymore money on things other people are telling you to buy. Try to buy what you need and not what you want and continue to stay out of debt.

This weekend my daughter came up to me and said she needed a new pair of shoes and then my son came up and said he needed some pants. Normally I run out the next day and charge it if I don’t have the money and tell myself that I’ll pay it when the next paycheck comes. Then sometimes I did but most of the time I didn’t pay it. No! Not anymore! πŸ€— I told my children, “Make a list of the things you need for the month. I’ll buy them when we get paid and then not again for another month.” So this is a new plan to add to my budget. I’ll start buying their “needed” things once a month with cash. I also came up with an idea to teach my youngest children how to budget, good spending habits, how to save and stay out of debt. It involves, chores (their job) and an income (their paycheck).

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  1. Shelia Love Turner says:

    I completely agree with you.. I do “NOT” decorate. To me, it is a waste of money… I do “No Spending” months. No fast food. No buying a “POP” on my way to work, it’s amazing how much money I save.. I also buy what I need. I learned a long time ago the difference between need and want.. There’s a lot of things I want, but I don’t need them. God bless you Darci Isabella. 🌺🌸🌺

    • Darci Isabella says:

      That’s fantastic! My daughter recently asked me about how I’m able to make such huge strides in paying off the debt when I couldn’t before and stopping the spending was one of the ways. It made such a HUGE difference. πŸ˜„

  2. Jodi Zaffiri says:

    Very smart!!! Your answer is great, I follow a few YouTubers and sometimes I do Feel like I should Get that. But I dont!!!! ❀️

  3. Ginny McKelvy Hubbard says:

    Just stumbled onto your YouTube and blog today! I am SO inspired! Thank you!

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