Minimalist Essentials for Mother and Child


1 / breastfeeding

If the mother is eating an unprocessed minimal ingredient diet, breastfeeding is the most natural and healthiest way to feed your baby. It’s also the most economical and simple way to feed your baby. If you choose to breastfeed, Ellen Fisher has put together a beautiful informative post explaining in detail all about breastfeeding.

If you decide not to breastfeed, please consider one of the following two options: either making your own formula using goat’s milk or purchasing donated breast milk from your fellow mothers.


2 / breast pump

I breastfed all of my children but with my last two, my nipples began separating from the areola. This is extremely painful and dangerous for the mother if not allowed to heal. I had never heard of this before and was very scared. In all my years of breastfeeding, it was the first time I had ever reached out to a lactation consultant. I simply did a google search and found a local pediatric nurse who was also a lactation consultant.

She came to my house that same day and brought with her a Medela Symphony breast pump. This is a “hospital grade” pump and I highly recommend it. Cheaper pumps don’t have a strong enough suction and cause moms to think they’re not producing enough milk when in fact, the pump simply isn’t strong enough. Using the pump, allowed my chest to heal while still being able to provide my babies with fresh healthy breast milk. Surprisingly it only took one week for each side to heal and I was back to breastfeeding full time.

This Medela hospital grade pump costs over $2000.00 to purchase so I suggest renting it. I rented mine for three months for $50 a month. I also purchased glass baby bottles to try and minimize my baby’s exposure to plastics.


3 / nursing cover

Of course not everyone agrees with covering but I actually felt more comfortable and cozy with my baby when nursing. We would snuggle together and the majority of the time, no one even knew I was nursing. One of my favorite and most convenient styles of nursing covers is the poncho-style cover. But even this is unnecessary. Covering can be as simple as taking your decorative scarf and draping it over your chest. The following are some of my favorite nursing cover styles.


4 / cloth diapers & wipes

I used cloth diapers on my youngest child and wished I had used them for all of my babies. It not only stopped the exposure to dangerous chemicals in disposable diapers but it cost a lot less too. My favorite cloth diapers and wipes were the ones made out of bamboo. I love this fabric so much that I ended up buying cloth makeup wipes made out of bamboo as well. I tried quite a few different brands but the most affordable bamboo diapers I could find were from Kawaii.

I mention in the video that 10 cloth diapers are plenty but there is a valu-pak of 24 diapers available right now for the same price for 10. If this changes, please let me know and I will update the link.


5 / clothing

I remember when my oldest son was a newborn and he was gifted the most adorable pair of denim overalls. They were all decked out with the metal clasps, brand name patch and rough fabric. The first and last day he wore them, the overalls kept riding up under his chin. By the the end of the day his chin and neck were covered in red blotches from the metal clasps and rough fabric rubbing against his skin.

So then I asked myself, “What is the point of baby fashions?” The answer is clear and simple… for the parents. 😊 If you were a baby with limited mobility and the inability to share your thoughts, I doubt you would appreciate being dressed in uncomfortable clothing. It was then I realized that simple and natural fabric onesies along with a few accessories were all they really needed.

There are so many color and style options for onesies and whether you live in a colder or warmer climate (or both!) will also be part of your decision. Below is a sample of options.


6 / co-sleep bed

When I co-slept with my newborns, the two of us slept in a king-sized bed so there wasn’t concern of not having enough room. After a few months or when their nursing schedule slowed down at night, I moved my newborn to the crib which was still in my room. Sometimes I would place the crib next to my bed and sometimes I would place it against a wall on the opposite side of the room. It all depended on the needs of my baby.

I am currently working on a minimalist design for a co-sleep bed which will fit children from the age of newborn to about 7-years-old. I will post that video as soon as it’s finished. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something to place in your bed so that you can co-sleep with your newborn, the following sleeper is a comfortable size and very affordable.


7 / bath

Bath time doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. A sponge bath and wash cloth is all that is needed. You don’t even need to buy a separate wash cloth, just use one of the ones you’re using for the cloth wipes.


8 / carrier, car seat & stroller

I suggest picking out a carrier and car seat that works most conveniently for you. Below I explain which ones I purchased and why but these are just examples. Also, I don’t consider a stroller an essential unless you find it affordable. So if you can’t afford one right now, no worries! More time to love on your newborn. 💗

I know there are many different varieties of baby carriers but it just wasn’t in the budget so I bought a very simple $12 carrier like the one I link to below.

I prefer the all-in-one car seat that fits a newborn to beyond the toddler years. Not only because my babies tend to grow fast but because it is a healthier option. In the article “Are Baby Carriers Good for the Spine?” it’s explains how car seats result in restricted postural options which can impact your baby’s developing cranium and spine.

The car seat I used is no longer available but the one below is a similar version.

The stroller I bought is the one I still use today. I bought it because I needed a comfortable seat for my baby as well as a convenient seat for my toddler always in tow. The front and back double strollers don’t allow for the child in the back to easily get in and out of the stroller. The side-by-side double stroller is not as easy to maneuver and it tends to be too wide in tighter spaces.


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And we’ve come to the end of the list! I hope you’ve found that helpful and if you still have any questions, please ask me in the comments below.


  1. Lauren says:

    Thank you for posting this list it was very helpful to me! Just curious – how did you carry your babies when you went in the grocery, restaurant, etc?

    • Darci says:

      I’m so glad you found it helpful Lauren! I would either wear my baby in a carrier or I would bring in my stroller.

  2. Susie says:

    This is my exact list too! Save the money for when they are teenagers and eat every in site!

    • Sarah says:

      Hey Darci, Some of the links are outdated. Would you mind updating them? The diapers and first year sleeper. Wish i had this list with my first two. Plan to do a complete declutter and reorganize for my third baby. Do you have a wardrobe checklist for the rest of your kids. I think I have way to many closet by my ADHD gets to overwhelmed when trying to make these types decisions. Thank you! You are truly inspirational and I have start the process of minimizing and so far my brain is feeling happier!!!!

  3. Erin Christa Kay says:

    Great list!! Thank you 🙂

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