Minimalist Toothpaste Recipe

March 12, 2017 minimalism

So if you watched my minimalist toiletries video then you know that I usually just brush with baking soda and have been brushing this way for years. If you knew how many toxic ingredients were in ALL the toothpaste at your local grocery store, you would probably make the switch as well.

Even “healthier” toothpastes still have ingredients that are completely unnecessary and on top of this, the makers of these supposedly healthier alternatives’s list the prices at double the cost of the others and sometimes even more. Here is a very informative article on the common ingredients in your toothpaste:

Is Your Toothpaste Loaded With Toxins?

The baking soda is fine for brushing but the taste is very salty and the aftertaste is a mix between yuck and yuckier. Joe and I are fine with it but the children don’t like it so I wanted to make a toothpaste they would actually use. I also wanted to make it without a sweetener so they wouldn’t be tempted to swallow it. This one is perfect!

This recipe has been around since I was young and is so very simple. All you do is combine equal parts of both baking soda and coconut oil, then add 10 drops of peppermint oil for every 3 tablespoons of the other ingredients. Peppermint oil is very strong and will burn your tongue if you pour in too much. So stir in 10 drops at a time until you reach the strength you want.


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Directions can be found in the video above. If you try it, come back and let us know how you like it!

Thank you for watching/reading and I hope you have a beautiful day!


  1. Julie Howard says:

    Just made this, it is awesome. I also tried it on my 3 year old who liked it. He didn’t want to use anything but “Tom’s”. I loved the way it made my teeth feel so smooth. Next is the lotion to try. Where do you get your honey comb? We don’t have bees right now.

    • Darci says:

      So glad you like the toothpaste! The company I bought the beeswax from has gone out of business so when I finally run out, I’m going to have to find a new source.

  2. Mindi says:

    I made the lotion and love it! I’m making the toothpaste as soon as my oil gets here. I’m going to try cinnamon oil because I like it better, any idea on how many drops of cinnamon to put in?
    PS…. I absolutely love love love watching you and your family!

    • Darci says:

      That’s wonderful Mindi! Cinnamon is one of the stronger spicier oils so stir in 10 drops at a time until you reach the amount you want. So glad you’re enjoying the vidoes!

  3. Joy says:

    Hey Darci! I love your videos. Thanks for putting them up. I can’t say I’m a minimalist just yet as I have a lot of decluttering to do, but I’m getting there. I’m so happy to have found your channel because I have a growing family–a lot of the minimalists I come across either don’t have kids or have very few! We want to minimize our possessions, not the number of kids we have, so I’m finding your tips most useful 🙂

    I just wanted to know: for how long will this toothpaste keep?

  4. Yvette says:

    I’ve used to make this for a long time… But my newest little ones literally eat it, so it is gone way too quickly than I feel like making new tooth paste (being pregnant etc). I just let them brush with water and make sure they take liver oil. But I’ll get back. We all love it.

  5. Natalie Coe says:

    Hi Darci! We’re you able to find a new source for your Honeycomb. I hope to be making the lotion and toothpaste soon, but was wondering where to get the beeswax😊. Also, could you share where you get your long skirts from, ive felt a prompting in my heart lately to gradually switch to wearing them instead of my jeans! Thank you so much for all you do and for letting us learn from you and your beautiful family. Keep up the awesomeness!!!

  6. Jeanetta says:

    Is it fine to use refined coconut oil?

    • Darci Isabella says:

      I use cold-pressed coconut oil because it’s made without heat. The heat reduces the antioxidants so cold-pressed oil will have higher levels. Also refined oil has additional additives where cold-pressed does not.

  7. Stacy Farrar says:

    My 8 yr old daughter and I just made the toothpaste – love it! Thank you for posting this!!

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