Minimalist VS Maximist Closet Tour

July 2, 2018 minimalism, youtube

Joe’s mother once told me a story about him when he was a teenager having to do with his clothes. The main point of the story was that even though the laundry basket was only a few steps from his bedroom, he would still throw his dirty laundry on the floor right next to the dirty laundry hamper. Never once did the dirty clothes actually make it into the laundry basket. And even though this was a common practice for him, he never failed to always iron his jeans before wearing them. Not much has changed since then, although he no longer irons his jeans. 😁👖

And as many clothes as Joe has now, he still goes through his wardrobe a couple of times a year and gives away quite a few items. I’m not sure I understand his need for so many but then again, I’m not sure I understand my need for so few. 😁 I’m content and happy with wearing the same style and the same few pieces over and over. I work from home so there is no need to worry about work attire and now that I’m working toward debt-free living, I don’t go out as much.

If you too have no need for a large wardrobe, don’t be drawn into the department store sales, the discount store coupons or the comments from others. Wear and own what you want and what feels right for you. Going into debt for clothes, shoes or other accessories is simply not worth it when the majority of department store credit cards charge on average over 26% interest if not paid off at the end of every month. And don’t be lured by the 5% purchase discounts that some of them offer. If you can’t pay the balance off at the end of the month, that 5% discount instantly changes into a high interest debt.

Can you tell I’m all into working toward getting out of debt right now? 😁 Because I’ve never been one to spend frivolously on things other than clothing for my children which wasn’t always necessary and is why I’m realizing now that this was the area of spending that got me into trouble. I plan on talking about this topic in an upcoming video so stay tuned!

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  1. Gretha says:

    Hi Darci,
    Can I email or message you privately? I want to ask you some questions about being Catholic, making clothing choices, etc, that don’t relate to your main topics here. Love your website. You all have been a great inspiration to our family over the last year. Thanks! Gretha

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