Music In Our Homeschool


In my childhood music was one area of study that I chose for myself. My entire education and activities were chosen for me but music was something I really wanted to learn. I found it to be a great outlet for expression, for both staying relaxed and enthusiastic depending on the situation, for forming new relationships and for a whole host of other mental and physical benefits.

Music wasn’t something that I thought I was good at so being musically inclined is not necessary. The enjoyment it brings to those who play is what truly matters and why I knew, even if they weren’t considered very good at playing, I wanted all of my children to learn at least one instrument. I started them all out on piano because that was my first instrument. I loved piano but my teacher signed me up for competitive recitals which caused my anxiety to get really bad. I ended up quitting because of that but she was/is really a great lady who I will always be grateful to for teaching me.

I know instruments can be expensive and why people are often detoured from buying them or signing up their children for lessons. But you can find beginner guitars, beginner banjos and other instruments geared toward beginners for cheaper than $150. Companies like Suzuki, Yamaha and Rogue provide entry level instruments as well as higher quality ones too. And if you prefer a piano over a keyboard, you can get a used piano on Craig’s List for less than $100. We’ve also found pianos on Craig’s List that were being given away.

So if hiring someone to teach your child music lessons isn’t an affordable option, there are still other options. Not only are online options available but you can find someone you know who also homeschools and would be willing to teach your children, while you offer to teach another subject to their children. And if that isn’t available to you, beginning instructional books on many instruments, such as piano, guitar, flute, etc., are easy to follow because they lay it all out step by step. You can even learn right along next to your child(ren)!

I hope you enjoyed the video and thank you for watching!


  1. Julie G. says:

    What hooks are you using to hang your guitars and ukulele on the wall? I have been looking for some like this. Thank you so much.

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