My Minimalist Christmas 2018

December 26, 2018 youtube

Merry Christmas everyone!!! We had a really fun but peaceful Christmas this year. We decided to celebrate with just us. Just “us” is dad, mom, our children and grandchild. We usually either drive for over an hour to visit with family or have extended relatives visit here with us. And although not intended, both really cause me a lot of stress. So much so that I find it difficult to enjoy Christmas. So last year I made the suggestion to have “Christmas in Pajamas” with just us and everyone loved the idea!

I didn’t film all of it because I was just enjoying being in the moment. Some of the things I didn’t film were: playing catch in the back yard, a hilarious game of Taboo, making the meals, making the cinnamon rolls, giving out gifts (my 3 oldest girls gave little gifts to everyone) singing Christmas carols, watching old Christmas movies and so much more. It was actually one of my favorite Christmases by far.


We actually do most of our activities on Christmas Eve. We started out with the children opening goody bags filled with some of their favorite foods. This covers pretty much all of breakfast and lunch for the day. 😁 Then we went to pick up a real tree from the Lowe’s where we met up with Stella. She was on her lunch break and doesn’t work too far from there. Then we headed home to decorate, some gave out gifts and others changed into their Christmas pajamas. 🤗

The remainder of the day was filled with preparing and eating dinner, talking, laughing and then we were off to see the “cheesy lights!” 🤣🎄 For the first time in a long time we ALL went together to see the lights and we had such a great time. This was definitely due to us all being together. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the day extra special. ❤️


Five of the children decided to go to Midnight Mass this year. It changes every year, depending on who feels up to going. I don’t mind going but Joe prefers the later morning Mass so we take the younger ones with us. What’s great about us going to the later one is that breakfast is done by the time we get home and Stella makes THEE BEST breakfast! This year it was German Apple Pancakes. 🥞

For dinner I made bacon-wrapped roasted chicken and yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds. Felicita prepared the cheesy baked potatoes and Joanna made the cream sauce for them. Absolutely delicious! So delicious that for breakfast the next day, I heated up the leftovers, made some bacon and crumbled it on top. 😋 William prepared the green beans, Dominic made the salad and Helena reheated the homemade tomato sauce with rice pasta from the night before. Dinner was perfect! 👌


And that was my minimalist Christmas in my large family. The only extra money I spent this holiday was on my giveaways and the food in the goody bags. In the past, Christmas wasn’t always a commercial holiday, the way it is now. This day doesn’t have to be about gifts, even if you have children. Make Christmas about what YOU want it to be about and stop feeling guilty about what others choose to do. And have yourself a truly Merry Christmas. 😘


Some of you asked what old Christmas movies we watch. SEE BELOW ▼


  1. Sónia Cristina Luciano says:

    Who sings?

  2. stephanie in germany says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone! We also went to Midnight Mass, which really started at 10 pm. our Christmas day was very cozy with a brunch (YUM) and late dinner. We do have presents which are unpacked 1 at a time. We take our time. I am very happy about our Christmas days even though our oldest was not with us. We are really enjoying every day of Christmas, taking it easy and reminding each other of what is truly important. Thanks again for sharing, Darci!

  3. Sue Tett says:

    Sounds like a most wonderful Christmas, I am certainly heading towards doing what is ‘ right’ for us and not worrying about what anyone else thinks.
    Thank you for ALL your inspiration DarciIsabella, God bless you and all your precious family xx

  4. Rochelle says:

    Sounds wonderful and the best part is that it was just you all hanging out together. ❤️

  5. Becca King says:

    Absolutely love this! So much that we’ll be doing Christmas in pajamas next year!!! ❤️

  6. Shannon Hassouneh says:

    Love your message ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Many great blessings sent your way.

  7. Christa Wissler says:

    Darci, I am a grandmother of five and truly I am sick of x-mas decorations. So this year I gave my kids x-mas decorations and the grandkids decorated my daughters home with these decorations that my daughters have seen for years. I kept a few of my favorite things and only decorated the great room & kitchen. My husband made me a pallet board X-mas tree with I put lights on and used a ribbon attached to red envelopes with cards that had money in it for the grandkids. The rest of us have made a family tradition of giving money to rescue shelters for animals as gifts to each other. X-mas was so much fun and a lot more simple this year. Would love to send you a picture of the pallet board X-mas tree. Now it is up against the wall in my walking closet with only two boxes of x-mas decorations.

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