My Minimalist Daily Schedule and Chore List


You may not have noticed but I can be a little OCD about things. Shocking! 😊 So I sat down today convinced this was going to be a very involved project, when in fact this was as simple as simple projects come! There really isn’t much to this minimalist daily schedule of mine however the chore list goes into a little more detail.


I just recently looked back at my daily schedule video and realized that my schedule now isn’t as different as I initially thought. The only significant difference is the lack of listing each subject by hour. Rather than stress over getting everything finished in a time slot or making sure we start the next subject on time, we finish when we finish. If some need a little more time, I give it. If some don’t need as much, they can just move on.

Click on link to view in PDF: MY MINIMALIST DAILY SCHEDULE
Click on link to view in PDF: MY MINIMALIST DAILY CHORE LIST

I’m also including the video because it describes the chores in more detail. Although there have been some small changes to the chore list.


Nothing has changed with the chicken or kitchen chores but they have for the meals. I usually assign one person a day to make all three meals however I find it works out better when we all contribute to each meal. And I’m not sure if I ever explained the afternoon chores but this is just a “quick clean” of the downstairs which only takes them about twenty minutes a day. On Saturday we do a more thorough cleaning.

And that’s it! Not as exciting as I thought it would be, but I hope it helps you with ideas for minimizing your own daily schedule. It’s challenging to schedule in learning because the subject matter is simply endless. If you really want to put a schedule together, keep in mind not every hour needs to be accounted for.

The schedule is simply there to remind you of what more you can accomplish.
Don’t let the focus be on the hours but rather the enjoyment of the day.

I wish you all a very happy day! 😊


  1. Priscilla says:

    That was fun. You really have to be organized to run such a big household! We get up early (4:50) and go to bed early, too. My friends think I’m nuts, but it works for us.:-)

  2. Char says:

    I miss your original intro music.

  3. Brittany says:

    Could you post detailed lists per room too? I know… so demanding 😉 We are doing full-time homeschool this year and I’m drowning trying to keep the house somewhat decent! I have twin 6 yr olds, a 4 1/2 yr old, a 1 1/2 yr old… and am a homeschooling, weston price, minimalist mama(who grew up on a mostly self-sustaining farm) with a maximist Mc Donalds husband who I love dearly. Found your channel last night and I’m now mildly obsessed with your family(not creepy at all).

  4. Nikki Gutman says:

    I am having trouble getting the children to do the assigned chores. Say oldest 16 year old son is on meals he might not surface to make lunch until 12 or 12:30 or thaw meat ahead for his meal. How do you get them to do the chores in a timely fashion with out following everyone around being the chore police???? I have 8 (ages 16 years to 10 weeks old)but the six oldest are boys. The struggle is all the way through the ranks and it takes the joy from my day, getting everyone to help. We have always followed a routine instead of an hourly schedule, so helping is not new to them. The old way involved each on the same meal chore forever/permanently, example, everyday boy 1 washes breakfast dishes, everyday boy 2 cleans up the eating area at breakfast and so on. No one had to remember their task, it didn’t change. Helpful with boys. Why I switched to your chore list is it gives everyone a chance to help in different ways. Plus the old way I did all the cooking and laundry. Any thoughts that could help me do better? I am tired of being the Chore Police. How do I get the responsibility on their shoulders? Thank you for giving of your time. ~Nikki

    • April says:

      Since your kids are learning a new way, maybe switch chores every month, rather than every day? At least until they get the hang of it, maybe?

  5. Cyndi Leatherman says:

    Hi Darci, Thanks for sharing these. Concerning your comment on the Daily Schedule “Rather than stress over getting everything finished in a time slot or making sure we start the next subject on time, we finish when we finish. If some need a little more time, I give it. If some don’t need as much, they can just move on.” Do you have any children who will just sit there and not do assignment? If so, how do you handle that?

    Thanks for your videos!! My children and I really enjoy watching them. You have inspired me to change our families eating habits and to get rid of the extra “stuff” we don’t need. It will take a while though!

    God Bless!!

  6. Susie says:

    I couldn’t leave a comment on you tube but saw your link and wanted to pop over to say I have been enjoying your videos! I also have 8 kids 9mths-16yrs old and your kids remind me of mine! It sure is a blessing to have so many kids! I also enjoy working outside, we have a small yard but gardening is so hard in Eastern Wyoming, it’s so dry.. but we get lots of elk hunting in! Thanks for the videos, I love your positive approach to life and need to make your toddler beds, it’s hard to get them out of my room! Your kitchen turned out so nice I want to rip out my cabinets but I need to convince my maxamalist husband. Here I am babbling now…

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