PO Box Haul / Q&A: How we handle dating? What does he think of me?


Shortly after uploading this video, I had a really bad case of anxiety (having nothing to do with the video 😁 LOL!) and couldn’t get to publishing the follow-up blog until a few days later so I apologize for the delay. If you too suffer from periodic anxiety, take a deep breath and just relax. Assess the situation as far as you’re able to and then take some quiet time away just for yourself. This will help you to clear your mind, rest your thoughts and focus on your own well-being.


At times I receive questions that I choose not to answer because they’re either too personal or too heavy of a topic. One that I don’t mind answering, but never have at the request of my children, is “teenage dating.” Funny enough, before we started filming they had decided we weren’t going to talk about it but then… they did! 🤣 Since we homeschool and each day is filled with something different, rather than being subjected to spending hours a day at a desk in a room full of other teenagers, so far dating before 18-years-old hasn’t been a priority for any of them.

I also don’t encourage dating before 18-years-old like so many other outlets and organizations do. If you stop and think about it, teenagers as young as 13-years-old these days are inundated with the pressures of dating from movies, commercials, school dances, teachers, their peers and so many other influences. I remember when I was 11-years-old and the private school I attended had their first “dance.” The lights were dimmed, the romantic music played loudly on the speakers and only two chaperones among a sea of 11 and 12-year-olds. Thinking back now, the atmosphere was completely inappropriate.

But older teenagers too are encouraged to start a relationship, even if they don’t want to. But why??? Instead, positive self-esteem, happiness in oneself and striving to achieve their educational and financial ambitions are what should be promoted, encouraged and even advertised! In our teen years we are discovering so much about ourselves and trying to figure out what our future endeavors should be and sometimes when entering into a serious relationship too soon, we lose a sense of ourselves.


The exact question was, “What’s Joe’s opinion of your hair, your wardrobe, your unshaven self?” Someone in the comments answered this better than me!

Let’s reverse that question… Dear Joe,
What is Darci’s opinion of your wardrobe,
your hair, and your unshaven self?!!?!
She probably thinks it’s all great!

I had not thought of it that way! Even though I mentioned it in the original video found here: Why I Don’t Shave My Underarm. Women don’t look at men and think, “Gross!” It’s just an acceptable part of their body, as it should be for women. And let’s not forget ladies, it was a man who said:

Women who do not shave… are dirty. 😒😖😤


  1. Christina says:

    I agree with what you said about teen dating, As a girl going into my 2nd year of high school, the pressure of dating , and not to mention sex, is so present! I’ve seen way to many young people all around me (even my younger sister!) get so emotionally hurt. I hate how relationships and romantic love are pushed at a young age, i.e. middle school dances etc. A premature relationship is inexplicably so damaging. Your older girls are so lively and happy and not to mention beautiful, they deserve the absolute best and I’m so glad they don’t have to deal with the pressures of getting or being in a relationship. They’re so lucky, whether they know it or not, to not have an early, destructive, unhealthy relationship. I’m catholic, and my priest is so adamit (spelling I know sorry) on how dating, especially in teens, leads to sin and/or near sin. Even though I’ve been warned by my parents and priest, I’ve rushed into early, toxic relationships that I do wish never happened. I know better and will never rush into something like that ever again. You have to learn by your mistakes and I’m glad that your girls don’t have to deal with that emotional baggage. I just want them to know how lucky they are . Thanks for sharing your thoughts on teen dating, it’s nice to hear! I may not be your average demographic or only have 10 pieces of clothing, but I love your videos, stay woke! <3

    • Darci Isabella says:

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your story Christina! I’m so sorry for what you’ve gone through. And you certainly don’t need to be a minimalist or from a large family to be with us. You’re always welcome here! 😘

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