Q&A What About Santa?


Due to the specific questions I was asked, I share a lot of unconventional aspects of my life that our family practices. Of course they’re not unconventional to us! 😁

One in particular is that our Christmas celebration each year has nothing to do with Santa. Neither my parents nor Joe’s parents taught or celebrated their holidays having anything to do with this fictitious character. For my parents it was important we celebrated the true meaning behind Christmas which of course is CHRIST and MASS. For my in-laws, it was because they aren’t from the US and when they came here, they continued their own traditions which also didn’t include Santa.

Another great question and not something often discussed with children is adult personal finances and if it’s okay to share it with them. Here is another way of looking at it. We’ll teach children that a fictitious character is real, slides down a chimney, somehow goes back up a chimney and then flies off with reindeer to only eventually discover it was all a lie. But then think it’s too stressful to teach children about financial struggles. 

It is possible to share the truth about managing money responsibly without stressing our children. Start out by following a budget. Add your bills, expenses and your debt. Then start budgeting your groceries. When you have that all organized and have it running smoothly, budget in an income for your children. Explain to them how it works and how to spend and save responsibly. Then there will be no fear or stress about it but only confidence and smart decisions that will last them a lifetime.

To see the rest of my answers to your questions, watch the video above. Thank you again for your questions and if you have any more, please leave them in the comments below. Thank you and have a great day!



  1. Katy Board says:

    I lve that you are teaching your children fiscal responsibility, Darci 🙂
    I’ve spent all of my 35 years married life using a budget as, not doing so, would have been a disaster.
    I live in the UK, and things have been hard here and, when I fell ill, and became disabled with it, I was so glad that we could still just about manage financially, without my wages, because I’d always budgeted 🙂
    I lost my dear husband in March, and that budgeting skill came in really handy again, as I had to adjust to yet another episode of my financial life, so I believe that, seeing our children prepared, really IS one of our top responsibilities as parents 🙂

    I only found your channel a short time ago, but have watched every Vlog, and have come to love following your wonderful family 🙂

    May you, and all of your family, have every Peace and Joy for Christmas, and the coming New Year, Darci 🙂 x x x

    • Darci Isabella says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss Katy! And admire you for the way you’ve managed your finances. I wish I would have made this a priority a lot sooner but still glad I’ve finally started. Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas and New Year as well! ❤️

  2. Alison says:

    The way I have explained santa to my children is that in olden times there was St. Nicholas who brought toys to children. This bringing of gifts by St. Nicholas eventually evolved into the idea of santa clause, pere noel, father christmas, etc., but somewhere along the way lost the true meaning of God’s gift to us in the form of his son.
    Merry Christmas to you, yours, and all.

    • Darci Isabella says:

      Thank you for sharing Alison! And Merry Christmas to you and your family as well! 😍 My mother always kept the two feast days separate so we celebrated Saint Nicholas too but that was on Dec. 6th. On the 6th she would read the story of his life and give us small candies. 😊

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