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November 28, 2018 minimalism, youtube

Welcome back to our final video together! Dawn, from The Minimal Mom, asked if she could ask me some questions on camera and since I’m so great at answering questions on the spot … NOT, I said, “Sure!” 😂 Thank you to LouAnn (Dawn’s mom!👋) and Dawn for these insightful questions that ended up being a lot of fun to answer. Then toward the end, I threw in some questions for Dawn too. So join us as we share answers to some commonly asked questions!


Q. #1    Where do you sit with the white background?
Dawn shows this answer very well in her Q&A video so I’ll leave that link right here for you. 😁

Q. #2    Have you decided where you’re moving?
We have finally narrowed it down to Indiana, Missouri or Wisconsin.

Q. #3    Are the kids moving with us?
As of right now, yes. The only reason this answer might change would be due to a job offer or school.

Q. #4    Do the children get a say on moving?
😂 NOPE. The answer falls under the reason we’re moving. So after we move, I plan on sitting down and filming a whole explanation on why we moved. Stay tuned!

Q. #5    Why don’t you have an instant pot?
I don’t know! 🤣 I didn’t even know they existed until about a year ago and since I’ve survived that long in life without one, I thought I could survive that many more.

Q. #6    Why don’t you shop at Aldi?
I’ve never been in an Aldi store before. 😮 For no other reason other than that we didn’t have a local Aldi until last year.

Q. #7    Did you ever feel like you needed to cut back on organic food when budgeting?
YES! We struggled financially when we first started budgeting and the groceries were the area that took the hit.


Q. #1    How did you find minimalism?
I listened to a podcast called “Becoming Minimalist” by Joshua Becker and looked around my office asking, “I don’t have to have all this stuff?”

Q. #2    How did you begin implementing minimalism?
I did the “onion method,” where you go through each room and remove a few things at a time and it gets easier as you go.

Q. #3    What does minimalism look like for you?
I look at things in my house and ask, “Do I use it? But can I get by without it?”

Q. #4    If your house was on fire (although I said “burned down” 😊), what would you grab?
DAWN: my hard drive      DARCI: a phone to let people know I’m okay

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Another big THANK YOU to Dawn for traveling all the way out here to meet up and film together! 😘

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