The Statues

September 27, 2020 minimalism

We officially sold our house and are currently living in a rental. And? I love it. Not exactly the floor plan or location but the much smaller size. It’s so much more manageable. We went from 8 rooms to 4, which includes 2 bedrooms and even Joe agreed this is way less stressful for us. Less is more. 😊 I explained our future plans in my last video so if you’re interested, head on over.

I adorned our new fireplace with my in-law’s statue of Saint Anthony and my mother-in-law’s statue of a hen. 🐓 Over the years I’ve been asked, as a minimalist, how would I handle losing a loved one and whether or not to keep their things. Losing my in-laws eight months apart from each other last year was very difficult. So I wasn’t thinking about their keepsakes until eventually Joe asked me if I wanted anything. I actually didn’t know what I wanted and was so grateful that he thought of their statues. You may remember the Jesus and Mary statues in my stories a few weeks ago which were theirs as well. ❤

My daughters and I were also able to keep one item of clothing from my mother-in-law’s closet each (I picked a beautiful shawl she knitted). And Joe kept some of his Dad’s tools. Afterwards I realized we kept things that give us a daily reminder of the blessings my in-laws were in our lives. These things aren’t a lot, but just enough. ❤

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