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June 28, 2018 youtube

Ever since finding out about my daughter’s allergy over ten year ago, our meals have never been the same. I do my best to provide my family with unprocessed, no refined sugar, no wheat/white flour and mostly one-ingredient foods. Yes, it’s definitely a challenge when 90% of the “food” at the grocery store is unhealthy but I explain to my children that eating this way will help them to stay healthy and when they do get sick, their already strong immune systems will help them to get well faster.

Right now in our mini fruit orchard we are harvesting cherries, strawberries and mulberries. We only planted the strawberry plants about a month ago and we still have a two to three strawberries per plant! The mulberry tree was already here fully grown almost twenty years ago when we moved in and it’s still producing abundantly. The cherry tree was a gift from my father-in-law along with three other fruit trees, one peach and two plum. The three other trees produced well for a few years and then for some unknown reason they died, however the cherry tree is still going strong!

I encourage my family to eat vegetables throughout the day or at least at every meal, fruit at least once a day, fish about twice a week, meat about twice a week and eggs once a day. They eat other foods like dairy and grain as well but only if they want to eat it. Grain isn’t as healthy as the food pyramid would have us believe. A few of my children can’t eat oats, rice or wheat and because of the gluten, we don’t buy wheat at all anymore. We also eat oats and rice in the afternoon or evening as opposed to the morning because grain triggers insulin production which raises your blood sugar naturally and makes you feel sleepy. Oats are also rich in melatonin, which relaxes the body and helps you fall asleep.

Many have asked if my family eats processed food and yes, on occasion they do and always feel lousy afterwards. This is when I gently remind them why I buy the food I do. Processed food also effects our behavior. Often times we become irritable, short-tempered and then very tired, depending on the ingredients in the food.

I hope you enjoyed the video and thank you for watching!

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  1. Cheleen says:

    Did you ever do an ebook with recipes?

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